Our RedShift integration creates a mirror dataset of all events your account has in our system, inside of a RedShift instance.

Each field in our system becomes a column and each row represents an event.

All Events

All events have values for the following columns:

Columns Possible Values
time 2018-05-29T20:59:35.603Z
eventId String - Used as internal identifier in Rebel's platform
campaignId String - Used as internal identifier in Rebel's platform
to String - Set by the user to identify email recipient
type String - One of open, variant, interaction, submit

Open Events

Do not have any values in additional columns.

Variant Events

Populate an additional value in the variant column.

Column Possible Values
variant String - One of interactive, limited

Interaction Events

Populate additional values in the interaction, interaction1, interaction2, interaction3, interaction4, interaction5 columns

The interaction string contains a pipe delimited string describing the full interaction. E.G. gallery||0||thumbnail||1 would represent a click on the first gallery's second thumbnail.

Columns Possible Values
interaction String - Represents the full interaction

Submit Events

Populate additional value in the submitPayload column.

Column Possible Values
submitPayload Object - Varies depending on the submitted values

Deprecated Columns

The click and duration columns are deprecated, but are kept in the integration to support legacy events.